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Financial Framings

Introduction to How Personal Financial Decisions Impact the Broader Economy

Financial Framings offers two sequential levels, each with accompanying activities and learning objectives. Participants are first provided an introductory lesson covering the global economy and the many factors that impact it. Educators then have the opportunity to lead their class in a fun, interactive game-like exercise that helps reinforce topics covered.

Level 1: Introductory Lesson

The Flow of Your Money teaches participants about the evolution of currency and the economy and the circular flow of money.

Factors of Influence covers several personal and economic situations that can affect the circular flow of money, preparing participants to engage in Level 2.

The Financial Framings introductory lesson can be taught in a period between one and two hours.

Circular Flow of Money Chart

Level 2: Economic Scenario Cards

This educator-led activity helps participants frame their own personal financial decisions within the larger local and global economies. Scenario cards are used to apply Level 1 lessons to the Circular Flow of Money chart. Level 2 offers delivery flexibility that fits with an individual educators' teaching style and class schedule.

Topics Covered Include:

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"Financial Beginnings' lessons were important. A lot of people might now save themselves from falling into too much debt. It might even prevent someone from having to foreclose on their home." - Student Participant