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Student Academy for Financial Empowerment

Strategies to Address Financial Barriers to Postsecondary Success

The SAFE program provides postsecondary students the financial knowledge and strategies that help reduce debt and manage financial barriers to graduating. Through one-on-one financial coaching, SAFE students develop personalized financial goals such as establishing an emergency savings fund and developing a plan to build and fix credit.

SAFE Workshop Topics

SAFE combines several workshops with one-on-one financial coaching. Modules are 90-120 minutes in length and address the following topics:

Goals & Tools

Students develop short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals, as well as understand and utilize tools to attain goals, such as banking and budgeting.

Income & Taxes

Students analyze current and possible future income potential, as well as understand financial responsibilities and the tax system framework.

Credit & Debt

Students learn the importance of maintaining strong credit, how to check one's credit report and score, and how to improve them. Students gain an understanding of different loan types and how these loans play a role in large purchase planning.

Protecting Yourself

Students understand major types of insurance and review current and possible future insurance needs.

Savings & Retirement

This presentation helps students learn about compound interest and its effect on savings and retirement planning. Students learn how to develop a retirement plan.

If you are interested in the SAFE program, please contact us at programs@financialbeginnings.org.

"This program helped me set career and life goals." - Student Participant